About Us

David Gamble and Jane Burns have over 50 years of experience in business, non-profits, professional associations, and government service. We bring this experience to your business as we work with you to develop a web presence that best serves your needs.

Jane Burns

Jane Burns is the primary writer for Burns & Gamble Consulting. She developed her writing and editing skills through her work in non-profit fund raising, legislative analysis, public policy development, and investor communications. Throughout her career, Jane's work has focused on issue analysis and development, where the need for clean, concise writing is paramount. Among the positions she has held are legislative affairs coordinator for a law firm, policy development director for a professional association, project director for a start-up company, and vice-president of investor relations for a managed health care company.



David Gamble

David Gamble is the primary web designer and computer consultant for Burns & Gamble Consulting. He has worked with computers for 25 years while employed as a social worker, production supervisor, and personnel specialist. David recognized early in his career that individuals need to understand how they can make computers work for them, and he has made that a priority, no matter what his job title. He has consulted with individuals on computer hardware and software purchases, worked with artists and writers to identify their computer needs, and served as the computer services liaison in a state agency to insure that both the agency and the data processing department understood each other's needs. He has designed and maintained web sites since 1998. David is a member of the New Mexico Internet Professionals Association.